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Shahir-e-Mashriq – Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal

by Prof. M.S Baqa Allama Muhammad Iqbal is known as the most eminent poet and philosopher of the east.  He was endowed with a natural gift of poetry and radical thinking.  Poetry came to him as leaves to a tree, with his poetical faculties becoming an effective vehicle for his lofty thoughts.  Iqbal wrote a number of […]


by Aliya Butt  Born in 1900, Hafiz had an uncertain career for nearly thirty years, trying in vain one profession after another to make a living.  His “Naghma Zar” (1925), though well received by a few intellectuals, made no impression on the general public and “Soz-o-Saz”, which followed in 1933, fared no better.  Luckily for him, he now […]